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Angel of the Winds Casino Resort Room Renovation

Angel of the Winds, also known as the world's friendliest casino, opened its 125-room luxury hotel in December 2014 inArlington, Washington. When General Manager, Travis O’Neil and the Stillaguamish tribe learned about DreamCatcher Hotels’ turnkey development process and consistent pricing, they were enthralled. When it came time to add a hotel to their casino, they simply put together a list of wants and needs and handed them over to DreamCatcher. DreamCatcher then guaranteed the costs and handled nearly every detail of the project, down to the soaps in the bathrooms and the coffee maker and linens in the rooms. In 2021, DreamCatcher began a full renovation of the guest rooms. Their turnkey renovations are very similar to a ground up project, alleviating the stress and headache that is often put on the owner. Their brand standards and turnkey process ensured Angel of The Winds would choose DreamCatcher to lead the renovation process.

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