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Big Data Driving Hotel Industry

As technology has improved and competition has stiffened within the hotel industry, hoteliers are finding ways to increase their competitive advantage by implementing new technologies and studying data analytics.

Check out this quick video:

More than ever, the focus of the industry is now turning to the Customer Experience. We've seen different brands start to pop up that offer smaller rooms but more welcoming lobbies, as well as traditional boutique hotels become part of larger brands specialized collections. The focus of these properties is to create unique Customer Experiences, that the visitor couldn't get from the typical franchise property. That said, the importance of managing and measuring the Customer Experience has become more important.

Hoteliers are beginning to utilize various services and techniques to measure their Customer Experience success and improve their future marketing. As the below article states, in today's world a brand can be made or broken by online customer reviews. Knowing this, Hoteliers are having to spend time and resources to mine many online sites and learn more about the Customer Experience they provided.

Going a step further, Hoteliers track and study their customers like never before. The hotelier will use various methods to learn about their customers, such as tracking their spending habits and likes/dislikes. Once the hotelier has this information it makes it easier for the property to ensure the guests has a customized experience and allows the hotelier the ability to be able to better market to that guest in the future.



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