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Millennials and Their Top Five Expectations in Hotels

Estefania Lozada Pinedo | May 06, 2024

The rise of the millennial generation (of which I am one) has led to a significant shift in consumer behavior, especially in the travel and tourism industry. I have noticed that millennials prioritize experiences over material possessions, redefining the parameters of satisfaction and fulfillment. As millennials become the most frequent travelers of our time, the hospitality industry must adapt its offerings to align with their unique preferences. This article explores the top five trends millennials look for when staying in a hotel and what aspects can make a millennial consider your place.

  1. Instagrammable Spaces: Millennials are known for growing up alongside the internet’s expansion; they witnessed the birth of Facebook. Now, with Instagram as one of their primary social media platforms, they seek out places where they can capture moments for their online presence. Having distinctive spaces that are recognizable and shared widely on social media makes a hotel more attractive.

  2. Technology and Innovations: Millennials appreciate unique technologies and processes that make their stay at a hotel easier and more comfortable. Features like mobile check-in systems that allow guests to open their room doors with their phones or even hotels that use robots to minimize human contact can appeal to them. For us millennials, it is important that technology is used to modernize hotel processes and make them as secure and easy as possible.

  3. Environmentally Conscious: Millennials are increasingly aware of environmental issues and look for establishments that prioritize sustainability. Features like reducing plastic usage, employing solar panels, or using paper straws can significantly attract environmentally conscious guests.

  4. Catering to Dietary Preferences: Nutrition plays a crucial role for many individuals, with a growing number adopting specific diets such as vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free. Providing menu options that cater to these dietary preferences, as well as addressing allergies and offering organic food, adds value to a hotel’s offerings.

  5. Offering Unique Experiences: Millennials prioritize unique and memorable experiences when traveling. Whether witnessing the aurora borealis in Alaska, staying in an ice hotel, or dining with giraffes, hotels now offer numerous opportunities for one-of-a-kind experiences. The availability of diverse and unconventional experiences appeals greatly to this generation.

Now is the perfect time for the hotel industry to consider the perspective of millennials. Numerous options are available that are attractive to this generation, which represents a significant portion of the consumer base. Embracing innovative strategies to engage with potential guests and offering unique experiences can set a hotel apart in a crowded market.

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