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New lighting innovations drive design capabilities

By Jena Tesse FoxMay 1, 2024 8:00am

New developments in lighting are helping hoteliers create unique aesthetics in different spaces and even promote health and wellness for staff and guests.

FAM Design founder Megan Freckelton noted recent improvements in LED lighting that make it easier for designers and users alike to adjust the brightness of different spaces without flickering. “We're seeing really great LED lamps that are essentially acting [like a] really comfortable incandescent lamp more and more.”

Lighting company Brainlit focuses on the intersection of lighting and wellness. “One of the things that's resulted from the mass adoption of LED is issues with the intensity and color,” CEO Kyle Harris noted. The company’s biocentric light platform mimics daylight by changing color and intensity and spectrum like the sun does. Brainlit installed biocentric lighting in the conference rooms at the Grand Hotel in Lund, Sweden, to help attendees stay alert during meetings. 

Earlier this year, Little Wing Lee, creative director and founder of interior design firm Studio & Projects, partnered with lighting company RBW to create the maritime-inspired Cape light. Lee said designers and hoteliers are increasingly focused on how different components of lighting fixtures work together—”the diffuser with the backplate, or the diffuser with the shade”—to create something unique.

FAM Design worked on the Frenchman Hotel in New Orleans, a historic property with limited electrical capabilities. The team used plug-in fixtures in rooms and created a lightning bolt-shaped sconce since they could not relocate electrical connections and outlets. Freckelton noted a growing trend of bringing traditional overhead lighting down to “more of a human scale,” as she described it—“really leaning into things like table lamps, floor lamps [and] wall sconces.”

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