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Quality of Sleep & Wellness #1 Priority for Hotel Guests

When DreamCatcher Hotels was founded, we knew the key to creating successful hotels was to ensure the guest was able to get a good night's sleep. To this day we put a lot of effort and emphasis into ensuring we have the best beds, pillows and linen so that guests can relax and have a good night's sleep while traveling. From custom mattresses and mixes of foam and down pillows, to linens that stay cool all night and the way the a/c unit blows cool air across the room, we want to ensure conditions are perfect for each guests to be able to wake up refreshed every morning.

Westin was one of the first large hotel brands to focus on wellness, starting with the "Heavenly" bed in 1999. To this day, they're still focused on quality of sleep and the overall wellness of their guests. Over the past few years they've upgraded their fitness centers, to include new fitness items such as Peloton bikes and TRX systems, as well as creating healthy options for room service menus.

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