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STOP Stealing the Pillows.

To create a more home-like feel, and to increase revenues, hotel companies are now offering guests the opportunity to purchase all sorts of items from their rooms and common areas. It's now easier than ever to purchase that pillow or robe you use to stuff into your suitcase and hope you didn't get an unexpected credit card charge for it. A few companies have been selling their linens and toiletries for a while now, and others are starting to capitalize on this opportunity in interesting ways.

This has become an important trend in the industry, as it has created new revenue streams for owners, while enticing them to source better products for their rooms that improve the guest experience.

The Shinola Hotel has taken it a step further by putting in their own branded items in the room, so guests can try them out and then purchase them at the hotel or online. In your room will be Shinola's branded turntable, alpaca throw, clock and even bluetooth speaker. The guest is introduced to Shinola products and then able to try these items out, in the hopes they purchase a few at checkout.

At DreamCatcher we're always asked where one can buy our pillows, linens, toiletries and even our steam iron! The Guest House at Graceland sells larger versions of the in-room toiletries (custom fragrances) and guest robes in their gift shop, so guests can take a little piece of Graceland home with them.

For a guest to purchase an item they used in a hotel is a massive win for hoteliers. What better endorsement can they get?!

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