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There's a new hotel development model that saves millions.

It’s a method of developing hotels that had never been tried before.

It’s already a proven success.

The development company lays the foundation for a successful project by determining with the owner how much should be spent and where. The development company then selects a hotel-experienced architectural firm. It takes bids only from contractors with experience in developer-driven hotels.  The development company compares the bids with its own up-to-date, proprietary database.  Bids are divided into two parts.  A Fixed Price for the hotel.  Plus, Guaranteed Maximum Pricing for components that may be added, such as restaurants, ballrooms, a swimming pool, laundry or parking structures


“It is unheard of.”

The development company acts much as an owner because it provides the owner with oversight and updated pricing throughout the project.  The development company can do this    because it is composed of principals with decades of experience and relationships in the industry. One industry consultant proclaims that, ‘‘There is no other company around that has all of this on one team.  It is unheard of.”

The development company keeps tight controls over every phase of the development.  Its luxury room prototype has been meticulously created with attention to each detail, yet can be customized by an owner.  The development company constantly scours the industry in search of manufacturers that focus on cutting edge technology and design.  It stays on top of every “next big thing”.


No owner surprises

There’s no guesswork during the development.   The owner gets no surprises. The development company is working throughout as a partner with the owner.  And in the end, the owner enjoys additional benefits such as volume buying for FF&E and OS&E.  Choosing its own name while retaining the benefit of a branded hotel. Yet he avoids franchise and marketing fees that can be up to 15%.

This development company is DreamCatcher Hotels™.  And if it sounds too good to be true, call Zeke Cooper at 828-736-7041, or go to

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