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Three Highly Likely Predictions for the Hospitality Industry in 2024

Anders Johansson

Founder and CEO @ Demand Calendar | Creating Profitable Hotels

With 2024 just around the corner, are you curious about the future of hotels and travel? This blog post unveils three highly likely predictions for the hospitality industry. From the surge of electronic reservations to the intriguing shift of guests becoming pivotal in hotel marketing and the robust growth in travel, we dive deep into the trends that will shape tomorrow's hospitality world. But that's not all – we also explore how hotels might react to these changes. Will they embrace innovation or stick to the tried-and-tested paths? Join us as we dissect these trends and offer insights that might be thought-provoking and vital for industry professionals gearing up for the future.

I have read many predictions and trends for 2024. Most assume hotels will adapt as soon as they read or hear about the trend. That is very far from the truth. Most hotels will continue working as they did the previous year and are reluctant to change. In this blog post, I wanted to look at three predictable trends impacting hotels. Blog posts about trends tend to talk about the trend but do not give any advice to hotels. Therefore, I first want to predict the reaction of the hotels to these trends. Finally, based on these three trends, I would like to point out what hotels would benefit from doing. Find out if you agree.

Here is a summary of the three predictions

Let's recap the three key predictions and their potential impacts, along with the anticipated reactions from hotels:

  1. The Rise of Electronic Reservations: The shift towards electronic bookings is expected to continue, with a growing preference for online channels. While this trend bodes well for market growth, hotels that rely heavily on OTAs may find themselves increasingly dependent, whereas those with robust online booking systems stand to gain. Hotels are predicted to maintain their current strategies, missing opportunities to optimize their digital presence and reduce OTA dependence.

  2. The Guest as the Marketing Department: The influence of guest-generated content in hotel marketing is set to rise. While hotels recognize the importance of positive guest experiences in generating favorable reviews, a proactive strategy to leverage this content in marketing efforts might be lacking. The anticipated reaction is a continuation of current practices without fully embracing guests' potential as marketing agents.

  3. Business as Usual: Travel and Hotel Industry Growth: The general upward trend in travel and hospitality is expected to continue, with hotels welcoming this growth. However, a 'business as usual' approach may prevail, with limited efforts to target specific market segments or adapt to emerging trends like bleisure travel.

Encouragement for Industry Professionals: These predictions underscore the need for industry professionals to anticipate changes and actively prepare and adapt. Embracing data-driven decision-making, exploring new marketing strategies, and continually innovating service offerings are crucial steps in staying ahead in this dynamic industry. The future of hospitality will likely belong to those who can anticipate trends and react swiftly and strategically.

You can read the full blog post here, including why hotels will not embrace AI and sustainability:

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