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Forget The Fitted Sheet?

I’m a hotel employee and you should forget all about the fitted sheet if you want to make your home like a 5-star hotel

Article by, Dani Grande

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FIVE-STAR hotels are famous for their remarkable service, attention to detail, and top-of-the-line cleanliness.

One five-star-hotel employee said you could recreate the luxurious feel of a top hotel in your own home.

Kate Henderson, a duty manager at an opulent UK hotel, shared six tips to help you live out your five-star dreams right at home.

Her first piece of advice is to toss your bed’s fitted sheet—most hotels don’t use one.

“When you opt for a plain sheet, you can easily recreate a ‘hospital corner fold,’" Kenderson began.

To make the corner fold, she said: “Lift the edge of the sheet to form a 45-degree angle with your mattress.

"Pull and tuck the hanging fabric underneath the mattress.”

"You can do this with your duvet too; simply lift and tuck."

The next thing to tackle is wrinkled sheets.

Ironing the sheets for a king or queen bed can take a lot of time and effort. But thankfully, Kenderson said it isn’t necessary.

Instead, you can use fragrance water to relax the sheets.

“Simply spritz your water (plain old tap water) on your almost-made bed (keep the corners sticking out) and spray and shake your sheet or duvet until smooth and wrinkle-free."

If you want to go the extra mile, add some scented oils to your water for a lasting smell.

Once your sheets are smooth and crisp, you should shift your focus towards the pillows.

Hotels “envelope” their pillowcases to make them look nice and fitted; and you can too.

"This is very simple. Push the excess material inside the pillowcase from the opening

"Grab the other side and envelope the remaining case inside to form a neat envelope shape.

"If possible, add two pillows into any one pillowcase for added plump,” she advised.

To give the bed a stylish flare, she said to place a folded throw at the bottom.

Her fifth tip will come in handy for those of you entertaining guests: lay out folded towels and linens on the bed.

This will make your guests feel welcomed and comfortable.

Henderson also said you should "leave a folded space for your pajamas. This way, you’ll have everything laid out for you after you take your bath.

Her sixth and final tip was to look extra carefully at reflective surfaces like mirrors and windows.

"When it comes to general cleaning around the house, to recreate the five-star hotel housekeeping effect, be sure to focus on mirrors (anything reflective) and windows.

“These factors can make a whole world of difference.”

She explained how to properly clean these areas:

"For an easy option, use watered down vinegar or lemon spray on your mirrors and tiles (something acidic).

“Spray this everywhere, then wash down with water, wipe away.

"Then as a final step, be sure to use a cotton or microfiber cloth to buff in a circular motion to avoid any streaks."

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